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Within the Russian-German project under supervision of Arkhangelsk regional public organization "Bridge" in 2003 Cabinet of social rehabilitation and preventive maintenance of socially-dangerous actions of the persons, suffering from mental disorders was opened (CSR).

The cabinet of social rehabilitation is structural division "Arkhangelsk regional clinical psychiatric hospital". It is intended for social support of the persons, suffering from mental disorders. Its basic purpose is realization of a complex of the social actions directed on involving of former patients of psychiatric hospital in socially useful, creative activity, their adaptation in normal conditions of residing, prevention of social disorders and socially-dangerous actions.

Cabinet serves inhabitants of all Arkhangelsk regions. CSR can be attended by adults, suffering from mental disorder but not in acute condition.

There are 2 subdivisions of the Cabinet of social rehabilitation. In both subdivisions work specialists in social work and psychology.

Social services are free of charge. Clients can come to the CSR by the direction of doctors-psychiatrists from the mental hospital and from regional out-patient (psychoneurological) clinic.

The main PURPOSE of CSR is to find the best decision in a crisis vital situation together with the client.

Social-rehabilitation activity includes following directions of work:
1. The psychological help and support of clients and their relatives;
2. Assistance in employment;
3. Socially-legal and social and economic consultation;
4. Educational trainings (communicative, cognitive, training of social skills, of the confident behaviour, partner dialogue);
5. Practical training in art-therapy;
6. Individual and family psychological consultation;
7. Consultations and therapeutic sessions of the psychotherapist, including, family therapy with relatives of clients;
8. Psychodiagnostics;
9. Training in cooking, repairing of clothes;
10. Medical gymnastics;
11. Psychoeducational activities;
12. Practical sessions in psychohygiene and psychoprophylaxis;
13. Realization of cultural-educational actions with clients and their families out of the CSR, thematic holidays, carrying out of Birthdays

In the Cabinet fine conditions for stay are created. There is an equipped kitchen where clients can drink tea, and also train to cook.

On a regular basis clients take part in group trainings of communicative skills where they study effective ways of dialogue, confident behavior, develop attention, thinking, memory, speech, perception.

Clients study to communicate, to be sincere and frank to associates, not to be afraid to ask for help and support, to discuss and solve the problems, to be responsible for the words and acts.

Every week clients visit museums, exhibitions, have walks to memorable places of our city.

We interestingly and cheerfully spend holidays, birthdays of clients, we go on a visits and we receive guests.

At the Cabinet there is an atmosphere of trust, equality and respect. There you and your relatives will find support and help in the decision of psychological, essential socially - legal and socially - economic problems.