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State healthcare institution "Arkhangelsk regional clinical mental hospital" (ARCMH) was founded by the order of department of public health services of the Arkhangelsk region, on September, 1st, 2003 after reorganization of two hospitals "ARCMH-1 " and " ARCMH-2 ". Each of the institutions had the eventful history.

The Arkhangelsk regional clinical mental hospital # 1 began to function as independent institution on the basis of the city hospital #1 in 1951 where psychiatric departments and a psychiatric clinic earlier functioned. Head physicians of ARCPH-1 were P.I.Suetin (form 1953 to 1967), N.P.Kislova (from 1967 to 1973), I.A.Panteleev (from1973 to 1994).

On November, 1st, 1961, in village Talagi, the regional clinical psychiatric hospital # 2 has been opened. First head physician of ARCPH-2 was J.S. Yepifanov. Originally the hospital served all mentally sick, living in the Arkhangelsk region.

In 1975, on the basis of the ARCMH-2 the first in the region psychotherapeutic department has been opened.

From 1986 the mental hospital #1 has moved to village Talagi in new buildings and still functioning there, as the structural division of hospital offering emergency psychiatric help.

On November, 17th, 1992, with the support of academician Dmitrieva T.B., in ARCMH-2 the Regional center of forensic psychiatry began to function. Departments of the " Center " serve the population of Murmansk area, Nenets autonomous region, Republics of Kareliya and Komi. The head of the Center from the moment of it’s foundation and till now is Honored doctor of Russia - V.G.Goldfajn.

As a result of reforms in 1997 out-patient department of ARCMH-1 has become a part of the Arkhangelsk regional psychoneurological dispensary. At the same time narcological department has began to function in ARCMH-2.

From 1971 to 1997 the head doctor in ARCPH –2 was S.A.Vereshchagin. In 1998 O.A.Ponomarev was appointed head doctor.

As a result of the re-structuring in 1998, the hospital has passed to new principles of the organization of the psychiatric help. Having refused from traditional service by a principle of regional division, the clinic started to provide help by a principle of an acuteness of mental illness that has allowed to improve quality of the psychiatric help to patients.

At present the Arkhangelsk regional clinical mental hospital is the largest institution providing the psychiatric help to the population of Arkhangelsk and the Arkhangelsk region, from the moment of the organization of hospital the head doctor is O.A.Ponomarev.

The hospital consists of two hospital subdivisions (Talagi-1, Talagi-2) for 1240 beds, includes more than 25 buildings and has following basic directions of medical activity:
• The in-patient psychiatric help for the male and female population, resided in Arkhangelsk and Arkhangelsk region, Nenets autonomous region.
• The in-patient psychiatric help for children and adolescents
• The forensic psychiatric help (carrying out of all kinds of forensic psychiatric expert examinations, the organization and execution of forced measures of medical character in departments of the general and specialized types).
• The narcological help (treatment of alcoholic psychoses, all kinds of substance dependences).
• Socio-psychological out-patient help.
Besides medical departments the structure of hospital includes following divisions:
• Psychological service (clinical-diagnostic and patho-psycological laboratories)
• The modern medico-diagnostic complex.
• Department of the social assistance with functions of medico-social rehabilitation and creative workshops.
• Structural divisions in municipal institutions.

In the hospital works 1279 persons, including 111 doctors and 438 medical nurses.

Personnel use the advanced medical models of diagnostics, treatment and care of patients. New tendencies in treatment are developing: milieu-therapy and hippotherapy.

The hospital is a clinical base for Northern state medical university and for other higher educational institutions and schools, so people can gain professional experience.

The staff of the hospital conduct scientific work, for the most part with use of own clinical material. Developed themes are topical, and have practical application.

Since 1996 fruitful international cooperation with partners from Norway was established. By 2007, employees of hospital cooperated in more than ten international practical and research programs, with colleagues from Norway, Germany, Sweden, the USA and Canada.

Employees of the Arkhangelsk regional clinical psychiatric hospital act with reports at the Russian and international scientifically-practical conferences, participate in the international educational programs, publish materials in a press, write dissertations (theses).