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Since 1996 there has been collaboration between the University Hospital for Northern Norway and the University of Tromso on the Norwegian side and Arkhangelsk Regional Psychiatric Hospital and Northern State Medical University on the Russian side. All psychiatric hospitals in Northern Norway joined the collaboration in 2001. In the beginning the activity was concentrated upon network building and exploratory talks, but since 2001 the collaboration has developed into more definite areas.

The activities in the project has up to now been concentrated both upon increasing competence and attitudes of the professionals (scientific co-operation, seminars and educational programs) and improving the physical conditions for the patients.

By the year 2007 employees of the hospital collaborate in more than ten international practical and research programs with colleagues from Norway, Sweden, Germany, USA and Canada. Below you can find a brief description of some projects carried out at present. For more information please contact Tatyana Nizovtseva:

Title of the project

Quality improvement of the psychiatric services in Regional psychiatric hospital in Arkhangelsk

- Partner: University Hospital of Northern Norway, University of Tromso, Nordland hospital (Bodo)

The major goal of the project: to improve the quality of the psychiatric health care in Regional Mental Hospital in Arkhangelsk.

Subgoals of the project:

1. To improve the quality of treatment of schizophrenia.

2. Improving milieu treatment.

This subgoal is divided into more specific aims:

2.1. To increase knowledge of group process and increase the use of groups as an integral part of acute psychiatric hospital treatment.

2.2. To increase the knowledge of milieu therapy by visit of Russian treatment staff to Norway.

3. To improve physical standards in the acute wards

4. To improve knowledge on evaluation of changes in mental health services.

Title of the project

Improvement of the quality of children's; psychiatric health care

- Partner: Nordland hospital (Bodo)

The major goal of the project: development of children’s psychiatric services in Arkhangelsk region

Subgoals of the project:

1. Exchange of experience in the field of child psychiatry

2. Decentralization of psychiatric services

3. Developing of collaboration between different branches of psychiatric services in order to provide continuity of treatment

4. Establishing multidisciplinary teams consisting of psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, nurses

5. early intervention

6. creation of the model of child psychiatric service outside of Arkhangelsk

7. Public information in order to overcome stigmatization of mentally ill children and to give more information to the public about mental health problems, their treatment and prognosis

Title of the project

Project RUS-NOR: International collaboration on risk assessment and risk management of violence – substance abuse, psychopathology and HIV

Partner: Ulleval university in Oslo

The major goal of the project: To make official Russian translations of international based instrument, HCR-20 (Webster et al., 1997, which is the international golden standard for risk assessment and management of violence in patients in mental health settings (and in forensic and correctional settings).

Subgoals of the project:

1. to enhance the competence of the clinicians To contribute to put on the agenda common topics related to aggression and risk assessment and management of violence

2. To contribute to enhance the awareness and competence of the russian participants concerning risk assessment and management of violence, based on updated international research and clinical experience

3. To contribute in the process to make an official Russian translation of HCR-20

4. To support russian initiative to validate instruments on russian populations

5. To collaborate in writing common articles in peer-reviewed journals

6. To make common paper presentations at national/international conferences

Title of the project

Psycho-social help to the population of Arkhangelsk

Partner: Brьcke Schleswig-Holstein, Germany

The major goal of the project: Quality improvement of psycho-social assistance for the population of Arkhangelsk

Subgoals of the project:

1. social rehabilitation of mentally sick people

2. an exchange of Russian and German concepts concerning assistance of social rehabilitation of mentally sick, to the further development of knowledge and the professional competence in the field of social psychiatry and rehabilitation by bilaterial professional exchanges

3. development of existing system of the medical and psychosocial help for mentally sick in the region

4. creation of a network of the state and charitable structures of social rehabilitation of mentally sick

5. development of self-help and the help from members of family of mentally sick

6. educational activity, public information

7. development of the system of register and control of efficiency of performed actions

8. training and improvement of professional skills of the personnel participating in the project

Title of the project

Pomor psychiatric nurse

Partner: Finnmark University College, Norway

Aims of the project:

Long-term aims:

There is a long-term need for increased competence in psychiatric health care in Arkhangelsk region.

This study program may also be used as a model for the other educational institutions in the region.

Increased interdisciplinary communication, specially between health and social sector

Contribute to rehabilitation of patients and preventive effect regarding drug addiction and suicide

Further extension of the program should result in the production of new teaching material for psychiatric health care education.

Short-term aims:

To carry out a postgraduate education in psychiatric health care, evaluate courses and adjust them for further use.

To encourage students and teachers exchange between our institutions

To use videoconference technology for mutual lectures

Education and thereby preparation to work in psychiatric health care will contribute to lessen burn-out syndrome in personnel

Our study programme will contribute to initiating new scientific studies and to the use of latest scientific knowledge within the discipline.

Title of the project

The research project “Acute psychiatry in Barents region"

Partner: Nordland hospital (Bodo)

The major goal of the project: Comparison and analysis of the organization, contingent and the basic parameters in acute psychiatry between Northern Norway and Northwest of Russia (the Arkhangelsk area)

Subgoals of the project:

- Improvement of knowledge of the Russian psychiatry in the West-European scientific publications.

- Creation of necessary base for the further cooperation of psychiatrists of Russia and the Western Europe.

- Improvement and development of modern methods of treatment